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Prasthanam heroine Ruby Parihar

Prasthanam heroine Ruby Parihar
Cast : Sarwanand, Ruby Parihar, Saikumar, Sandeep Kishan, Vennela Kishore, Jayaprakash Reddy, Pavitra Lokesh, Surekha Vani and Others
Music Director : Mahesh Shankar
Producer : Vallabhaneni Ravi
Director : Deva Katta

Sania Mirza Tough and Trendy Wallpapers

Sania Mirza Tough and Trendy Wallpapers

Katrina Surprises in 'Baa Bahoo Aur Baby'

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Katrina Kaif Hot Tight Jeans Pictures at her performance

Katrina Kaif rocked black leather pants and a barely there lace top at the BIG Indian Music Awards (IMA) 2011 at Reliance Media Works Studios in Filmcity, Mumbai on Friday, March 11.

Katrina Kaif Pictures

Shahrukh Khan Pictures at her performance on IIPM

IIPM offers 2 categories of programmes – Global and International – at 3 different levels of higher education – Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Executive. All these programmes have been developed keeping in mind the requirements of different groups of students. But, the essence of all these programmes remain the same and they all try to attain the institute’s socio-economic philosophies as envisioned by its Founder-Director

Shahrukh Khan Pictures

Amrita Rao Pictures at first look of film Love U Mr Kalaakar

Rajshri Productions' Love U Mr.Kalakaar (LUMK) is directed by S Manasvi and stars Tusshar Kapoor and Amrita Rao. The film is a love story between a freelance artist and a management trainee who is obsessed with numbers. The film revolves around how these diverse personalities connect with each other. LUMK also brings together the fine talents of actress Madhoo(Roja) and actor Ram Kapoor (Udaan).

Amrita Rao Pictures

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cost Of An Executive MBA Program

$172,000: The Cost Of An Executive MBA Program At Wharton

MBA programs have never been cheap. And as the demand for these courses grows, so too, do the course fees. In fact, if the staggering fees for two-year full-time MBAs astonished you, have a look at the tuition fees being charged by part-time executive MBA programs. The most expensive executive MBA course is currently the one being offered by Wharton in downtown Francisco. The 24-month part-time course costs a whopping $172,000.

Break that figure down and you will find that students are spending about $250 an hour for the course. The per hour figures for full-time MBAs at the same institution is a good $100 less. Some more number crunching and you realise that per hour-long class, Wharton is pocketing some $12,300.

This is not even a stray case. Coming in second on the list of ‘most expensive executive MBA programs’ is Wharton’s Philadelphia campus. Here, students have to shell out $162,300 for the entire course. Compare that with the $108,000 that full-time MBA students pay at the same campus. Thus, some 400 students are contributing $35 million as annual revenue for Wharton’s Executive MBA programs.

The reason for the crushing fees is largely related to Wharton’s brand image. As with other luxury brands, Wharton’s reputation helps justify the high fees. Michael Desiderio, executive director of the Executive MBA Council, calculates that an executive MBA program should cost an average of $65,555. However, Anjani Jain, the vice dean for Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives, claims that what pushes the cost up is that the institute offers a premium learning experience that includes boarding, lodging and some of the world’s best business faculty. Part of the story is also that employed executives are less troubled by the high costs.

Shaista Wahidi Firdous Summer Collection 2011

Pakistani textile company Firdous just showcases its latest summer collection. The release spark in fashionable mix of bloomy pattern. Brighten up your look with an array of floral pattern on brilliant magenta that will take you through the summer with opulence. Pakistani host Shahista Wahidi done a photo shoot for this colorful collection.

Shaista Wahidi Firdous

Sexy Katy Perry Pictures at Takes Her Purr-fume to Cologne

The “Teenage Dream” songstress looked fabulous in a lavender dress as she greeted fans at Parfuemerie Douglas, where an 18-month-old enthusiast got up close and personal with the pop star.

Katy Perry Pictures

Demi Lovato Pictures at LAX Family Flight

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nikah with sister is allowed

Astaghfi-ul-Allah, Some Molvies are too Non-sense like the one who has written Fatwa for Nikah with Sister, Can we Not do anything against these Molvies.....?

Isha Chawla in Balck at promotional event

Isha Chawla in Balck at promotional event

Zalman U3 Series External Hard Drives

Zalman introduced three new external hard drives of U3 series, these hard drives sport an USB 3.0 interface, the 2.5-inch HDD/SSD-supporting Zalman ZM-HE250 U3, 3.5-inch compatible Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 and Zalman ZM-HE350 U3E.

The ZM-HE250 U3 measures 84 x 16 x 134 mm and has an aluminum and polycarbonate construction, while the two ZM-HE350s are 116.6 by 47 by 201 mm and have a similar build. All three enclosures support SATA drives and have an USB 3.0 connector, while the ZM-HE350 U3E also adds an eSATA port to the mix. The trio’s pricing and release date were not announced.

Thank You Bollywood New Movie Wallpapers

Thank You Bollywood New Movie Wallpapers

Sony’s new duo of Alpha NEX Cameras

It’s a general trend that technology, in its prototype, doesn’t look much presentable. But, with the passage of time, it becomes more compact and sleek. Same is the case with Sony’s new duo of Alpha NEX Cameras, a splendid effort where power meets portability, as they state it themselves. Earlier this summer, Sony unveiled its set of two digital cameras – Alpha NEX-3 and Alpha NEX-5, with its one-of-a-kind interchangeable lens capability. The most striking thing about Alpha NEX is its DSLR-like features, while it looks just like some other digital camera. Sony claims it to be the world’s smallest & lightest camera of its kind (let’s see how long it holds the record!). It can be called as an altered DSLR camera, which is 48% smaller and 49% lighter. Now, it’s time to get into some geeky stuff i.e. features, specs and review.

Lollywood actress Nirma desired to get married to Atif-Aslam

Pakistani film actress Nirma revealed her greatly desires to marry Atif Aslam, while talking to GEO TV. This is truly a bizarre that she's around 40 above years of age and is on a lookout of kids to marry with.

She said she had fallen in love with his personality and singing. Nirma even went on saying that Aatif Aslam sang a song Tu Jaane Na only for me.
Film actress Nirma desired to get married to Atif-Aslam today in an interview with Geo News. She said that she is deeply in love with Atif-Aslam’s singing and his personality and wants to get married to only Atif. She also said that Atif-Aslam sang ‘Mil ke bhi, hum na mile, Tumse na jane kyun’ only for her (ha ha).
Nirma and Atif Aslam
Nirma and Atif Aslam
Yes, that’s exactly what he was thinking while singing that song, in fact he even had his eyes closed so he could imagine seeing Nirma so his voice could fill more feelings into the song.
Methinks that Atif-Aslam would say, “It is a very good thing that our SENIORS are liking our work and are appreciating us.” and he would also say that he will get married when he finds the right person. As far as I remember Atif talked about his crushes in an interview in which he said, “I have had crushes but nothing serious. Probably long time back, I had crush on bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, she was my favorite“

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Vimala Raman unseen Hot photos

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Apple Black Hole Mobile Phone Design

Its a conceptual design that is based on holographic display technology. This phone is designed for Apple by Josselin Zaigouche but, sadly, it shouldn't come to the market before 2020.

Internet Business Tips - Start a Business by Writing Internet Articles

Internet Business Tips - Start a Business by Writing Internet Articles

To start internet business on a limited budget – which many people do – requires some serious thinking about the value of writing articles.

The temptation might be to lace an article with spider-friendly phrases in the hope that this will attract readers and in turn get them to buy what you have to sell.

However, some deep thought needs to go in to the whole process.



Library to publish pages online to give scholars access

A rarely-seen manuscript of one of the world's most important copies of the Koran is to be published online.

The hand-written holy book, estimated to be around 500 years old, is so precious and fragile scholars have been unable to put it on display.

Now experts at the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library are using digital technology to photograph each page and publish the book online to enable scholars and students to study it.

Analysis of the digital images should aid scholars to date the manuscript more accurately.

The hand-written copy of the Koran, with each page the size of a large
The fragile 470-page book is kept by in the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library

It is believed to have originated from Cairo from the library of Kansuh al-Ghuri,

one of the last Mamluk Sultans of Egypt.

Each of the 470 pages measures 35in by 24in, the size of

a large plasma screen TV.

The ornate book was written by several scribes and illuminators for

Kansuh al-Ghuri, the penultimate Mameluke sultan of Egypt.

The paper it is written on was made from bombycine, a silken fabric which after

sizing is polished with smooth stones so that the ink sits on the surface rather than being

absorbed (similar in properties to vellum).

Historians disagree on when it was written, with estimates ranging from

the second half of the 14th century to 1500.

It was kept in the sultan's library in Cairo and was eventually acquired by the Earl of Crawford.

The Koran was one of several manuscripts which formed the Crawford Collection,

artefacts acquired by various Earls of Crawford, which was bought by

Enriqueta Rylands in 1901 and became part of her husband's library the John Rylands Library.

The library eventually formed part of the University of

Manchester in 1972 which is where it is now.

Known as the Rylands Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri, it has two missing pages,

or leaves, which were discovered in the 1970s at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.

The missing pages will also be captured in digital images

and reunited with the book on the internet.

At least 950 images will be captured - which will be between 80 and 120MB each - allowing their study in intricate detail.

It will eventually be freely available for research, teaching and

learning using Turning the Pages technology on a dedicated website.

Project manager Carol Burrows, collection and research support manager at the

John Rylands Library, said: 'Because of its size and weight, reading room access

has been severely restricted to all but a handful of scholars. It cannot be used

in exhibitions, seminars or public close-ups.

'It will certainly be challenging to photograph this enormous manuscript,

as it is too large and heavy for the equipment we normally use.

'However, we have constructed dedicated equipment

which will achieve this aim.'

Dr Andreas Christmann, senior lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University’s school of Arts,

Histories and Cultures said: 'Although one of the biggest assets of the John Rylands Library,

this Koran has not been available for either research or teaching because of its delicate state.

'We know it represents one of the finest, most lavishly illuminated and

calligraphically significant Qur’an manuscripts from the late Mamluk period.

'Because of its time of writing - 14th or 15th century – it bridges the gap in

chronicling Qur’anic calligraphy between the late classical period - 9th-12th century and

the early modern period - 16th-18th century.

'By digitising the entire manuscript and adding the missing chapters it will

produce an almost complete Qur’anic manuscript of magnificent size

and splendid craftsmanship.

'I’m delighted scholars, including students of my class in Qur’anic Studies,

will have free access to studying this text, which will provide a great stimulus

for further research into Qur’anic calligraphy.'

The Koran was purchased by the library in 1901 as part of the Crawford collection

of manuscripts, a collection of artefacts acquired by various Earls of Crawford.

The project has been funded by the Islamic Manuscript AssociationPhotographer Jamie Robinson leafs through the pages of the holy book, which is

believed to have originated from Cairo from the library of Kansuh al-Ghuri,

one of the last Mameluk sultans of Egypt

Sexy & Hot Priyamani Spicy Shots

Priyamani has made her Tamil comeback with the internationally acclaimed Tamil film Paruthiveeran helmed by Ameer Sultan, starring debutant Karthik Sivakumar. She has also signed on for another Tamil film in which she plays the lead role with actor Jeevan.

Spicy South Side | Rishika Flaunting her Beauty

Spicy South Side Actress Rishika Flaunting her Beauty — Who is this Rishika? well, she is a Telugu Actress, but she has got great features that are worth to look at.
Here we get to see Rishika in a sexy photoshoot that reveals her assets in a seducing way. You can look at her slutty and nasty expressions, especially on her eyes and lips. Check out this photo gallery in which she is showing her flaunting beauty. Don't miss every shot of the pics taken in different angles.
We are trying to bring you much more interesting photo galleries of most wanted Indian celebrities. You are going to have a nice visual treat, for sure. 

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