Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sony’s new duo of Alpha NEX Cameras

It’s a general trend that technology, in its prototype, doesn’t look much presentable. But, with the passage of time, it becomes more compact and sleek. Same is the case with Sony’s new duo of Alpha NEX Cameras, a splendid effort where power meets portability, as they state it themselves. Earlier this summer, Sony unveiled its set of two digital cameras – Alpha NEX-3 and Alpha NEX-5, with its one-of-a-kind interchangeable lens capability. The most striking thing about Alpha NEX is its DSLR-like features, while it looks just like some other digital camera. Sony claims it to be the world’s smallest & lightest camera of its kind (let’s see how long it holds the record!). It can be called as an altered DSLR camera, which is 48% smaller and 49% lighter. Now, it’s time to get into some geeky stuff i.e. features, specs and review.

Both NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras are almost identical, with a little difference in features, specs and obviously price. Both of them provide 14.2 megapixel resolution, shooting of up to 7 fps, ISO sensitivity: 12,800 (great for low-light shooting), 3-inch LCD screen, Sweep & 3D Panorama capability, HD sensor of APS-C size, BIONZ image processor, HDMI output, and auto HDR. The cameras come either with 16mm or 18-55mm lens, which depends on your choice of purchase (You can get a bundle of both as well!).
As far as the differences are concerned, the main dissimilarity is between the actual size of the cameras. NEX-3 is a little wider, thicker, taller, hence heavier than NEX-5. Other than that, NEX-5 is composed of magnesium alloy from the front, whereas the other one is composed of plastic. The NEX-3 records videos in HD at 720/30p, while NEX-5 shoots 1080i AVCHD videos. The audio format supported by NEX-3 is MPEG-4 AAC-LC, however NEX-5 gives Dolby Digital (AC-3) along with MPEG-4. No matter which lens you like, the difference in price remains $100. NEX-3 is available for $549 with 16mm lens, & $599 with 18-55mm lens. Likewise, you can get NEX-5 for $649 or $699, depending upon the lens of your choice.
Although these cameras lack a built-in flash (maybe to keep it small), but the box includes an attachable Flash, which Sony call detachable. In any case, these cameras certainly take us to a newer level of photography, where you really don’t have to be a professional. But the outstanding results will definitely make you feel like a one. Next time I get my pay, I’m surely going to buy it!

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